Editorial Board
The editorial board's primary responsibility is to write The Royal Gazette's editorials, which represent the voice of the Editor and the publisher. The board is formed by Dexter Smith, Jonathan Kent, Sam Strangeways and past editor Bill Zuill, and oversees the Opinion section, which also includes Letters to the Editor and contributed Op-Eds.


  • Submit a Letter

    LETTERS submitted for consideration must be accompanied by the full name, address and the daytime telephone number of the sender so they can be verified.

    Letters without these details will not be accepted. These details will be omitted on request.

    Pen names are no longer accepted

    Letters should be no longer than 300 words. The Editor reserves the right to waive the word limit on letters deemed to be of particular public interest.

    Letters must be exclusive to The Royal Gazette.

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    • "With Kathy Lynn Simmons becoming an MP, which Cabinet minister is likely to get the chop?"
    • Lt-Col David Burch (Public Works)
    • 8%
    • Lovitta Foggo (Community Affairs, Sport)
    • 16%
    • Wayne Furbert (Cabinet Office)
    • 38%
    • Jason Hayward (Labour)
    • 2%
    • Renee Ming (National Security)
    • 4%
    • Diallo Rabain (Education)
    • 9%
    • Neville Tyrrell (Transport)
    • 18%
    • Kim Wilson (Health)
    • 5%
    • Total Votes: 1463
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